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Google Maps Domination
Learn How This Underused Google Property Can Boost Your Web Sites.
Learn Techniques Not Taught Anywhere Else and They are Powerful!
Learn How To Boost Your Maps To Give Them More Ranking Power!
Discover Advanced Mapping Techniques such as JSON, Map Overlays, Live Streaming and Map Linking!
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But Why Should I Worry About Google Maps ?
Using Google Owned Properties As Part of Your SEO Ranking Tactics is Critical For Long Term and Effective Ranking!

Maps Can Rank Dozens of Keywords Per Map!
Google My Maps can index and rank many keywords with just 1 Map! In our training, you'll see how a map indexes and ranks over 300 keywords and boosts an embedded video!

Top Method For Local Biz!
You can target local business services with Google Maps quickly and effectively. Using the power of maps, you can quickly pinpoint all of your business locations!

Focus Your Map On Many Sub Locations
Google Maps are hard wired to permit you to make tons of POI (Points of Interest) on a single map and it's a powerful SEO technique!

SERP Spiders Love Maps!
Get your links indexed and ranked much faster with the power of Google Maps. This works with embedded links, images or videos!
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What Does Google Maps Domination Contain?

You will get access to a full online video course that shows you all the steps to work with Google Maps.

There's over 2 Hours and 40 Minutes of intense video training. Check out the topics that we cover:

  • What Are Google Maps And Why Should I Care?
  • Getting Familiar With Google Maps
  • Customizing Your Maps
  • Example Results with Google Maps
  • Loading POIs To Maps With Table Data
  • SEO Boosting With Maps Embedding
  • Using JSON and Map Overlays
  • Taking Things To The Next Level
  • Getting Your Maps Indexed
  • Conclusion – Closing Comments To Google Maps
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Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

Do Google Maps Really Work?

We love using Google My Maps because it is a Google Property and they love their own properties.

Use the power of their trust of maps to help rank your videos, web links or images within maps.

How Many Terms Can a Map Rank?
That's a tough answer because we've seen no limits yet. In the lessons, one of the maps we set up has close to 400 points in it and pretty much all of them are indexed by Google - But Only if you know the secrets we know!

How Many Maps Can I Make?
This number is unlimited! With just one account, you can literally create 1,000's of maps. But if you use the power of multiple accounts, you can create isolate and create unlimited maps!

Are Maps Complicated?
Not at all! With our video training, you'll be able to start creating maps almost immediately. They are quick to make and with the advanced training, you'll make maps with 100's of points faster than warp speed!
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